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One of my favorite puers. Excellent taste and good qi.

Master's Red
Kasia Murfet
Uplifting yet grounding

This tea invites us to give it all our attention. Drinking it brought to mind passionfruit/peach like sweetness. The smell is uplifting yet grounding at the same time.
Master’s Red has an energising quality without giving me the jitters (I’m quite sensitive to caffeine).
I genuinely think this must be the nicest cup of tea I’ve ever had 😌 Thank you GPT

Guan Guan Cha

A beautiful tea, indeed.

Osmanthus Oolong
Anita Jackson
Unmatched quality, flavor

I've tried so many different teas available in the US. This one is just far beyond anything else I've tried in terms of quality and flavor. There's a certain sweet, floral, fresh quality that I haven't experienced in any other tea--not even in fine restaurants with loose leaf teas. In the way that wine enthusiasts talk about terroir, there's something special about this tea from this place that you won't find elsewhere. It's unique, and uniquely excellent. And honestly, it's a great value; you truly can rebrew the leaves several times and discover delicate, unfolding flavors each time.

Green Adventure!

Lovely tea- just gorgeous! When smelling the rinsed leaf I almost took it for medium roast oolong, but of course the beautiful minty-white liquor gave it away. Widely accessible, but I highly recommend to anyone looking for a green tea adventure!

A daily companion

A very compact and small companion - it follows me everywhere - up into the high mountains or onto the lake. I fits in every bag I have and gives me the enjoyment of a proper tea in the middle of nowhere. I like the simple design and the good quality of the porcelain.

Perfect in design and function

This Glass Gong Dao Bei is my absolut favorite. It has a clear and clean pour and is balanced very well. The light weight feels good in your hand and the spout controls every drop. I can highly recommend this!

Wild Green Tai
Rachael Smith
What green tea dreams are made of

I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine which is why I’ve preferred tea over coffee but as I’ve gotten older sometimes even tea puts me out. I can drink this all day long and I feel amazing! Not to mention the quality and flavor of this tea beats out any other tea I’ve had. I’m a big fan of masters green because I’d the floral non bitter taste by the wild green tai has that grassy green flavor im used.

7 Years Master's White
Semein Washington
Rock Flavor Aged White Tea

This aged white tea reveals itself strongest during later steeps with longer steep times. Like Master's Oolong Classic, I intentionally forget a steep and come back to it, well over a minute later, to see what's come out. Before the tea really opens up, there are clues to what will happen later: the wet leaves have a caramelized smell that reminds me of a hong cha and the other aged white tea I'm drinking. That comes to the tongue around steep #7 or #8. Present the whole time, and growing stronger, are the Pu'er like camphor notes and a minerality I did not expect. I don't have experience with yancha yet but I imagine it will taste a lot like this. By steep #15 or so, the minerality has come to dominate the tea in a way that makes it unique. The camphor and caramel remain in the back. I brewed this tea in a porcelain gaiwan and will be interested in how it will infuse in a zini teapot that is currently traveling through the mail. Last of all, the cha qi of the tea hits before the flavors and becomes more noticeable with further strength. It results in a cooling body sensation concentrated in the neck and upper back and a settled, yet energetic feeling. This is in contrast to the body sensation of the 2001 Mu Dan I am also drinking which concentrates in the face and makes me want to sing rather than hum. I plan to buy more of this tea but currently have enough to chew on for a while.

Master's Oolong Classic
Semein Washington
An Oolong of a Different Feather

A caveat for this review: when I started brewing Master's Oolong Classic, my kettle was set for 205 F/ 96 C which may have an effect on my experience. I subsequently heated the water further to 212 F/ 100 C.

Right now, I have three TGY variants and a High Mountain Taiwanese Oolong in my rotation. Yesterday, this tea joined them. Because my taste is so attuned to the flavors of those two related groups of tea, I was in for a big surprise when I tasted Master's Oolong Classic. There is a bit of what I expect from the other teas: high floral notes and the interplay of green and oxidized notes. There's also the minerality that I tasted in Taiwanese Gaoshan oolong. However, there is more. A camphor taste, not unlike Pu'er, grows with each infusion as well as a sweetness that overcomes the nuttiness of the liquor. The increasingly strong camphor taste was shared with Master's 7 Year White, the other tea I ordered. Another thing they shared is that the tea, aside from minerality, moderate floral notes, and nuttiness, did not reveal itself until Infusion #7 and came out like a tiger. The full floral character of the tea was bold and complicated, indisputable sweetness floated in with the velvety mouth feel, and the mint/ anise/ camphor background note made itself very well known. I'd also say that this tea, and Master's 7 Year White do not only withstand forgotten brews but reward them. Maybe the leaf material is so robust that it requires time to release all of its aromatic compounds. What this presents as is that a flash brew at Infusion #11 will be sweeter and more complex than Infusion #2. However, none of them hold a candle to 1 minute or more brewing in the upper infusions. I bought only 8 grams of Master's Oolong Classic (out of which I can get two infusions) and so will look forward to buying more in the future to grow an acquaintance with this tea.

Opportunity to ground yourself

I haven't had many opportunities to attend meditation that combines tea. Although I use tea to practice mindfulness, I found Rui's practice useful; to meditate first - calm the mind, and patiently wait to drink tea - I thought this actually enhanced the flavors by the time of the first sip! Thank you for hosting this.

All-time favourite red tea

Great teas call for few words. There just isn't much I can say to do this tea justice. It's delicious, comforting and sweet. It inspires a sense of mature insight and ease, like an ancient wise friend who's truly seen it all and knows deeply that it really will all be ok.

Like Master's red tropical notes, when I brew this tea in my zisha pot, Red Tai's freshly light roasted coffee notes and slated caramel aroma aroma stays for days, complementing whatever teas I have after.

Peaches and Apple Cider

This tea has a bold, distinct character that I find quite enjoyable.


Beautiful paper with a special leaf gift inside x

Master's Green
Paul Armstrong
Master’s Green is superb!

Loving all the options, but Master’s Green is amazing hot or cold!

I see now

All I can say is Winter Master's white is the first white tea I've ever been nervous of running out of. It's the first white tea I've ever found myself craving for more than its anti-inflammatory effects and late-night-drinkability.

While still delicate (it is white tea), it requires no effort for its flavours and sweetness to be felt. It is sweet in the friendliest way, and fruity like walking by an orchard during spring.

Shocked at how well-preserved the leaves have been. Thank you Master Lin!

Wild and Ancient Red Tai

8 Years Wild White
Rachelle Quarles

8 Years Wild White

Terri Todd
‘Go To’ Flask

My early morning aged white leaves go to my flask after brewing in a gaiwan. I enjoy the brew wherever I go
and simmer the leaves in a glass kettle to get more goodness later in my day. Filling my flask with boiling water is the last thing I do before I leave home because I want to have my favorite comforting tea handy on the move!

Autumn to Winter Calm

It is difficult to describe this white tea. I shared this tea with my partner who has never liked tea but this one became their favorite tea.

This is not a flowery subtle tea. This tea has a depth to it that reminds me of the pine forest when the air gets colder. Its aroma though is very sweet, like mead. The first 10 second brew is very different from the rest. The first brew is like warm autumn morning and is a yellow color. The rest of the brews (caramel) are like pine needle forest floor between that fall to winter transition when the pine needles are dry. This is a good tea to drink before bed if you are sensitive to caffeine, which I am.

7 Years Master's White
Adam M. Zerbe
A tea that loves to support you!

From the deeply intentional packaging preparation to the exquisite leaves, the 7 Years Master's White will hold you calmly and confidently, always. Gift yourself the relationship to this tea and gain a lifelong friend!

Treat yourself and others to this exceptional Puer!!!

The Master's Black (18 years Loose Pu'er) is a one of a kind Puer experience to be celebrated. An earth smoke vibrancy lives within this tea, a high grade connection to a beginning and end. I recommend being with this tea when you have the time to sit and cherish the moment without distraction, alone or with those closest to you, yes please :)!!!

Brewing ancient tea, from an 'ancient' teapot

I have been searching for the right Yi Xing teapot for several years... something beautiful and genuine. After emailing Grass People Tree about the authenticity and safety of this teapot (there is a counterfeit market for Yi Xing teapots), the founder of GPT (Rei) personally responded to my query. Now, I am finally brewing ancient tea, from an 'ancient' teapot.

Indigo tea cloth trio

After seeing the first indigo tea cloth I had to get the other two! I love lining them up on my table like a runner. They are beautiful companions for white porcelain to raw clay tea ware.

Master's Green
Chris Saunders
A beautifully crafted tea.

Masters green is simply incredible. It is clearly crafted with care and attention to detail, resulting in a rich and complex flavor profile that is truly unmatched. Their commitment to quality is evident in every sip, and I find myself eagerly anticipating my next cup of tea each day.
My order arrived promptly and was packaged securely, ensuring that each tea was in perfect condition upon arrival. I appreciated the care that went into the packaging and shipping process, as it really demonstrates the company's dedication to providing a top-notch experience for their customers.
Overall, I cannot recommend this company enough. Their service, quality tea, and delivery are truly second to none.