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All-time favourite red tea

Great teas call for few words. There just isn't much I can say to do this tea justice. It's delicious, comforting and sweet. It inspires a sense of mature insight and ease, like an ancient wise friend who's truly seen it all and knows deeply that it really will all be ok.

Like Master's red tropical notes, when I brew this tea in my zisha pot, Red Tai's freshly light roasted coffee notes and slated caramel aroma aroma stays for days, complementing whatever teas I have after.

Peaches and Apple Cider

This tea has a bold, distinct character that I find quite enjoyable.


Beautiful paper with a special leaf gift inside x

Master's Green
Paul Armstrong
Master’s Green is superb!

Loving all the options, but Master’s Green is amazing hot or cold!

I see now

All I can say is Winter Master's white is the first white tea I've ever been nervous of running out of. It's the first white tea I've ever found myself craving for more than its anti-inflammatory effects and late-night-drinkability.

While still delicate (it is white tea), it requires no effort for its flavours and sweetness to be felt. It is sweet in the friendliest way, and fruity like walking by an orchard during spring.

Shocked at how well-preserved the leaves have been. Thank you Master Lin!

Wild and Ancient Red Tai

8 Years Wild White
Rachelle Quarles

8 Years Wild White

Terri Todd
‘Go To’ Flask

My early morning aged white leaves go to my flask after brewing in a gaiwan. I enjoy the brew wherever I go
and simmer the leaves in a glass kettle to get more goodness later in my day. Filling my flask with boiling water is the last thing I do before I leave home because I want to have my favorite comforting tea handy on the move!

Autumn to Winter Calm

It is difficult to describe this white tea. I shared this tea with my partner who has never liked tea but this one became their favorite tea.

This is not a flowery subtle tea. This tea has a depth to it that reminds me of the pine forest when the air gets colder. Its aroma though is very sweet, like mead. The first 10 second brew is very different from the rest. The first brew is like warm autumn morning and is a yellow color. The rest of the brews (caramel) are like pine needle forest floor between that fall to winter transition when the pine needles are dry. This is a good tea to drink before bed if you are sensitive to caffeine, which I am.

7 Years Master's White
Adam M. Zerbe
A tea that loves to support you!

From the deeply intentional packaging preparation to the exquisite leaves, the 7 Years Master's White will hold you calmly and confidently, always. Gift yourself the relationship to this tea and gain a lifelong friend!

Treat yourself and others to this exceptional Puer!!!

The Master's Black (18 years Loose Pu'er) is a one of a kind Puer experience to be celebrated. An earth smoke vibrancy lives within this tea, a high grade connection to a beginning and end. I recommend being with this tea when you have the time to sit and cherish the moment without distraction, alone or with those closest to you, yes please :)!!!

Brewing ancient tea, from an 'ancient' teapot

I have been searching for the right Yi Xing teapot for several years... something beautiful and genuine. After emailing Grass People Tree about the authenticity and safety of this teapot (there is a counterfeit market for Yi Xing teapots), the founder of GPT (Rei) personally responded to my query. Now, I am finally brewing ancient tea, from an 'ancient' teapot.

Indigo tea cloth trio

After seeing the first indigo tea cloth I had to get the other two! I love lining them up on my table like a runner. They are beautiful companions for white porcelain to raw clay tea ware.

Master's Green
Chris Saunders
A beautifully crafted tea.

Masters green is simply incredible. It is clearly crafted with care and attention to detail, resulting in a rich and complex flavor profile that is truly unmatched. Their commitment to quality is evident in every sip, and I find myself eagerly anticipating my next cup of tea each day.
My order arrived promptly and was packaged securely, ensuring that each tea was in perfect condition upon arrival. I appreciated the care that went into the packaging and shipping process, as it really demonstrates the company's dedication to providing a top-notch experience for their customers.
Overall, I cannot recommend this company enough. Their service, quality tea, and delivery are truly second to none.

Super light, and flexible size

I may be biased cause I love crackled glaze and the bee reminds of my sister, but this one's really a joy to use.

If you don't like red tea, give this tea a try.

This is a tea you just have to experience for yourself, so I'll be brief: I used to find red teas either boring or just... gimmicky (?) and the qi always felt hollow and harsh. Anyway, for a long time I stopped buying or even sampling red tea and mostly drank greens and shu.

I tried Master's Red and now red teas are my daily go-to alongside ripe teas, and barely keep greens in stock :')

So so grateful to Rui and Master Lin for introducing me to this ♥️

Incredible for HRT side-effect and menopause symptoms

First of all, this tea was simply DELICIOUS! It really captures what supreme green tea should be like: deeply aromatic, sweet, and full-textured. I tend to prefer greens with notes of nuts and grains more so than fruits, and this tea delivers on both ends very much to my taste.

About hormone-related symptoms: though nowadays I mostly drink darker teas, lately I haven't been craving them so much as I've been getting really intense hot-flashes, headaches, and tiredness and needed something else.

I decided to give Wild Green Tai a try and it has brought me SO much relief. The anti-inflammatory effect of it has really helped with headaches and its cooling effect – even when drank hot — has been wonderful at keeping the hot flashes away. The tea also has helped me get through the morning hump these past few days without triggering anxiety or nausea which I always careful about too.

Definitely a tea worth keeping in your cupboard for those hotter days, as well as when your body needs a hand managing malaise. Really recommend getting some of the Wild Red Tai counterpart too for when you need warmth and comfort!

I was the only one that signed up

Since I was the only one that signed up I did receive the package, but haven't had the online portion. My calendar is still waiting for the paint brush to add something. I haven't responded because the event didn't happen. Maybe I can just have a discount the next time I order something.

Buyi Green
Jonathan Shiloh Gastello
A Grounding, Yet Energizing Green Tea

The Buyi Green is a truly unique green tea. I’ve found that, in many cases, green teas tend to be very internally cooling and more highly energizing. However, the Buyi Green is much more neutral, eliciting balanced cooling and warmth within the body. It provides a steady/subtle increase in energy, while evoking grounding bodily sensations. Also, it’s flavor profile is comfortingly-nutty and verdantly sweet. I enjoy engaging with this stellar tea throughout the entire year.

A Hug In A Cup

Master's White is the tea that gently brings me up when I feel down, or calms me when overly excited. With honey undertones and quiet stonefruit sweetness, you'll find it can brew countless times and is reliable in moments of duress.

Master's Red tea

Every time I sip a Master's Red, I feel warmth and love, the perfect daily mood lifter ♥️


There's a Chinese saying "1 year tea, 3 years medicine, 7 years treasure" ('一年茶,三年药,七年宝') which perfectly reflects Master's White. Not only does it have a sweet and gentle flavour, it helps soothe me when I'm feeling unwell. It has a gentle and warming energy.

My Favourite Tea

This is my favourite tea. The 茶气 (cha qi — 'tea energy') is calming and focusing. I use Slow Mellow Yellow to relax and watch the world flow. It's incredibly soft and fragrant.

Master's Green
Miriam Richardson
Masters Green

GPT Master's Green is my first tea of the day, and by refreshing the little pot it keeps me going throughout the day. I'm aware of its health benefits, but it is Its aroma and flavours that give a special delight to the early morning. Definitely worth getting up for!

Master's Black (18 years Loose Pu'er)
Jonathan Shiloh Gastello
A Unique And Stellar Tea

I love exploring puerh because of its vast variability and distinct flavor range. This puerh is one of the most balanced that I have had the pleasure of engaging with. Unlike some sheng/raw puerhs that convey heavier flavor notes given time to age, this puerh has managed to gain depth of flavor without compromising sweetness amidst balanced earthiness. Additionally, this tea evokes bodily sensations of immense relaxation and calm. It is a unique and delicious tea that remains one of my favorite go-to comfort teas.