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The best oolong ever!

Most oolong teas in the market have a bitter taste. Not this one. Steep it for hours if you please, it'll only have a stronger beautiful beyond-words flavor, taste and smell. Thank you GPT!

Guan Guan Cha
Andrew Smaje
Fresh, astringent, long lasting

Lip-smackingly fresh on first brew, like a young green tea, then upliftingly astringent like grapefruit and bitter melon, but sweeter than that suggests. Superb. So glad to have experienced this tea.

Aged Wild White
Andrew Smaje
Wow. What a tea.

Settle some dry leaves in a warm Gaiwan, lift the lid and breathe in poached pear, chestnut. First brew is like peach juice, sweet and a little sour. The aroma in the Gaiwan becomes more earthy, like a forest floor. More brews deepen the stewed fruit flavour, giving way to a more bittersweet, almost phenolic character. It goes on and on, miraculously.

Life In China
Yuliya Maslyn
Embodiment of love

This Magasine is an embodiment of love. Every picture, word, and space between the lines looks and more importantly feels like it was made with love to me, the reader. I want more people to meet CHINESE TEA and learn more about the culture around it.
Thank you for creating and sharing beauty.

Life In China
Harm Esterhuizen
Love it!

Amazing! Can't wait to have the printed copy in my hands!

Life In China
Terri Todd
Authentic Chinese Culture

The first edition of the LIFE IN CHINA journal is an authentic presentation of Chinese culture through the stories about tea with photography that vicariously transports the reader to the origins of tea before recorded history. Absolutely stunning! I can hardly wait for the next edition.

To complete my Tea Ceremony set

This bamboo tea tray is a work of fine art and completes my tea making ritual. and looks and feels so beautiful and fine.
Thank you. :)

Susan. C
The Best ❤

This is the best flask I have ever had. It is beautifully designed and crafted, feels nice to hold,
so practical and functional at the same time as being beautiful to look at and it makes a delicious brew. Thank you :) <3 <3

Poetry in a Porcelain China Tea set

I love this little Gai Wan tea set so much. It gives me joy every day and brews magic :) Thank you so much.

Osmanthus Oolong
Ashley Gregory

This tea is pure beauty. The smell is beyond words and the sense of presence and connection is profound.

Osmanthus Oolong
Astrid Ricketts
This is my favourite tea ever!

I absolutely love the Osmanthus Oolong from Grass People Tree. The scent is out of this world and the taste is very refreshing. This will always be in my subscription box.

Poetry and pure Magic with Grasspeopletree

My first shipment from Grass People Tree has opened a new and magical portal for me into a beautiful world of the senses and poetry and art.
The tea, the label, the packaging each a poem. Thank you 🌷💗🙏🏼

Wild Green Tai
Andrew Smaje
Changing flavour profile is worth waiting for

The immediate grassy freshness of the first brew, transforms gradually - patience is your reward, as the barley milkiness of later infusions is very unexpected and quite a long way from the initial flavour - but well worth the effort of arriving at its mildly roasted, almost oat milk like taste profile.

Master's Red
Andrew Smaje
Woodland warmth

Like a woodland walk on an autumn evening. The undercurrent of long-ripened fruit, nut brown leaves and stewed berries, all encased in a warming, comforting tea.
I found this tea more satisfying when using a high leaf to water ratio.

Roasted rock

Beautiful roasted aroma, rocky and slightly salty mouthfeel, and a long lasting flavour combining both.

Slow Mellow Yellow
Varga Gabriella
Relaxing delicate yellow

This is my first yellow tea, and what a wonderful start! It's floral with a strong scent, soft, smooth and sweet. I've just sat outside in the winter sun and enjoyed the tea while birds were tweeting, and the warms rays let me dream about spring.
I definetly will reorder this! Thank you!

Small Sub Box (80g)
The perfect way to explore the teas! And SOOO SOOTHING & DELICIOUS!

Thank you Rui for creating the subscription box! I received my first shipment in November and absolutely fell in love with Master’s Qing Cha, which I probably would never have thought to order on my own. It is now my favorite drink to have in the mornings, especially during these brutal winter days.

The subscription has also given me the chance to test out which teas I’d like to place larger orders of and stock up on.

I don’t purchase any of my white / green / red teas any where else ! I’m totally hooked on Grass People Tree!


One of my favorite puers. Excellent taste and good qi.

Master's Red
Kasia Murfet
Uplifting yet grounding

This tea invites us to give it all our attention. Drinking it brought to mind passionfruit/peach like sweetness. The smell is uplifting yet grounding at the same time.
Master’s Red has an energising quality without giving me the jitters (I’m quite sensitive to caffeine).
I genuinely think this must be the nicest cup of tea I’ve ever had 😌 Thank you GPT

Guan Guan Cha

A beautiful tea, indeed.

Osmanthus Oolong
Anita Jackson
Unmatched quality, flavor

I've tried so many different teas available in the US. This one is just far beyond anything else I've tried in terms of quality and flavor. There's a certain sweet, floral, fresh quality that I haven't experienced in any other tea--not even in fine restaurants with loose leaf teas. In the way that wine enthusiasts talk about terroir, there's something special about this tea from this place that you won't find elsewhere. It's unique, and uniquely excellent. And honestly, it's a great value; you truly can rebrew the leaves several times and discover delicate, unfolding flavors each time.

Green Adventure!

Lovely tea- just gorgeous! When smelling the rinsed leaf I almost took it for medium roast oolong, but of course the beautiful minty-white liquor gave it away. Widely accessible, but I highly recommend to anyone looking for a green tea adventure!

A daily companion

A very compact and small companion - it follows me everywhere - up into the high mountains or onto the lake. I fits in every bag I have and gives me the enjoyment of a proper tea in the middle of nowhere. I like the simple design and the good quality of the porcelain.

Perfect in design and function

This Glass Gong Dao Bei is my absolut favorite. It has a clear and clean pour and is balanced very well. The light weight feels good in your hand and the spout controls every drop. I can highly recommend this!

Wild Green Tai
Rachael Smith
What green tea dreams are made of

I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine which is why I’ve preferred tea over coffee but as I’ve gotten older sometimes even tea puts me out. I can drink this all day long and I feel amazing! Not to mention the quality and flavor of this tea beats out any other tea I’ve had. I’m a big fan of masters green because I’d the floral non bitter taste by the wild green tai has that grassy green flavor im used.