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Master's Red tea

Every time I sip a Master's Red, I feel warmth and love, the perfect daily mood lifter ♥️


There's a Chinese saying "1 year tea, 3 years medicine, 7 years treasure" ('一年茶,三年药,七年宝') which perfectly reflects Master's White. Not only does it have a sweet and gentle flavour, it helps soothe me when I'm feeling unwell. It has a gentle and warming energy.

My Favourite Tea

This is my favourite tea. The 茶气 (cha qi — 'tea energy') is calming and focusing. I use Slow Mellow Yellow to relax and watch the world flow. It's incredibly soft and fragrant.

Master's Green
Miriam Richardson
Masters Green

GPT Master's Green is my first tea of the day, and by refreshing the little pot it keeps me going throughout the day. I'm aware of its health benefits, but it is Its aroma and flavours that give a special delight to the early morning. Definitely worth getting up for!

A Unique And Stellar Tea

I love exploring puerh because of its vast variability and distinct flavor range. This puerh is one of the most balanced that I have had the pleasure of engaging with. Unlike some sheng/raw puerhs that convey heavier flavor notes given time to age, this puerh has managed to gain depth of flavor without compromising sweetness amidst balanced earthiness. Additionally, this tea evokes bodily sensations of immense relaxation and calm. It is a unique and delicious tea that remains one of my favorite go-to comfort teas.

Warming And Comforting

When I engage with this tea, my body feels the most comforting and sustaining warmth. The floral, yet cedar-like wood flavor notes impart the feeling of walking through an old growth forest. This feeling is enhanced if enjoyed when going through a walk in a park/outdoors. Truly, one of my favorite experiential teas.

An Immensely Calming Tea

Yellow teas can vary greatly regarding body sensation, and even nuance of flavor. While I knew generally what to expect, this yellow tea was beyond my expectations. It is rich in flavor, calming in body sensation, and yet also quietly energizing. In addition, I have found that this tea feels grounding within the body regardless of the season. Because of its adaptability, it has become one of my favorite and most cherished teas.

Slow Mellow Yellow
Beto fuentes
One of the best yellow teas

I never really had exposure to yellow teas until I tried slow mellow yellow. This tea is great in the spring/summer months or when you need some extra digestive support. The enzymes in this tea help to soothe the digestive tract. It taste amazing and like the name suggests really mellows you out.

Best for inflammation

I love this aged white tea very much, one of my first favorites of grasspeopletree. Whenever I feel overworked, overwhelmed and need a gentle support, this tea helps to alleviate my stress. I can notice how the inflammation in my body starts to lower and I can help more ease of mind. As if aged white teas are some kind of key to the heavens lol. It's a very sweet tea, and has this sweet apricot notes. I do not normally talk about tasting notes and more into the energetics of tea, so trust me when this tea helps to cool down you're overworked body.

Amazing morning tea

I normally enjoy red teas in the colder months and whenever it's hard to get the day started I turn to this tea. It has this sort of Cha qi that activates the waters in the mingmen, where i can feel the lower Damian started to warm and circulate. It's definitely a tea to sit with after a meal. As I am more sensitive to these energetics, I love how this tea helps warm and circulate throughout the body.

Vintage Loose Puer

Puer is a tea I am still exploring and trying to learn more about. This is a nice straight forward puer. I love that it is loose and beautiful tea appearance. The flavor is just what I expected in a good puer. I will be enjoying it now and when it is gone, I will want more.

Adriaan Esterhuizen
Like best buddies! Inseparable!

Probably one of my favourite objects I own. The `Flask has changed the way I drink and share tea. The simplicity and philosophy behind this Flask captures the very essence of what Tea is all about for me. Water&Leaves=Joy & connection. it's that simple. My work forces me to travel a lot so if it's not in my hand, it's in my backpack brewing or it's in the cupholder of my car - it's always by my side. It's practical, elegant and just a joy to have around. The size is perfect for a solo day but also big enough to share. Can't recommend this enough. Once you start using it, you'll never want to leave the house without it.....just be careful, it's a great conversation starter :)

One of the best

Deliciously aromatic, rich and comforting. The imagery I am reminded of is sitting around a camp fire roasting marshmallows, eating chocolate and graham crackers. This tea is like a warm hug.

The best tea in the world!

This is by far my favourite tea of all time and I share it with everyone I can. The depth of sweet, woody & fragrant flavour is there infusion after infusion. Definitely worth trying if you haven’t already!

Amazingly sweet

This tea has such a wonderful sweetness too it but it never loss the depth that you’re looking for from a red tea

Love at first sip!

I fell in love with the osmanthus oolong, and it now ranks high up in my list of favourite teas. The texture is incredibly smooth and velvety and the fragrance is out of this world. And there's no doubt that the fragrance is natural, not only does it taste otherworldly, you can also literally see the osmanthus flowers amid the tea leaves. A real delight to enjoy on an afternoon break, or why not with a homemade brunch!

The most beautiful tray I have ever seen, and now I have one! I bought a small one and just waiting for the time when I will be able to use it when having friends or family over. Great idea to use the natural shape of the wood, whereas, in other woodwork, this will probably be discarded. Super excited about it <3

Perfect tea table runner

This is the perfect size to roll up in a back pack or hamper for tea on the go! I have wanted a brown runner with irregularities to disguise tea stains and this new one fits the bill perfectly. I can also use it on a long narrow wooden tea tray for dry pouring by doubling the length. It’s a perfect fit for a small space.

Master's Red
Patricia Dyer
My favorite tea!

It is the perfect tea to start my day, super warming and relaxing. You can taste the superb quality. It helps me ground myself throughout my day. I continue to come back for more!

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